By Vineeta Reddy

Whenever a question arises, the first place someone turns is to Google. It is the search engine that we depend on daily, and therefore many scrutinize Google’s business practices and the measures it takes to remain competitive. Thus, when the European Commission began suspecting that Google was promoting its own services over those of its competitors, a case was filed against the company. This anti-trust case has now been going on for over 5 years, and a prime example that the Commission uses is Google’s use of its shopping service. It demotes its rival sites and even casts them in a more unfavorable light using different images and fonts.


However, “if the European Commission limits what Google can do, and especially if it imposes a fine (it can levy up to 10% of annual revenues, or $6.6 billion), the case may go to court”, which would cause many more problems for the Internet giant. Their sub-brand, Android, is also being investigated as part of the anti-trust suit, as it is thought that the apps promoted favor Google. Due to the fact that “In Europe Google handles more than 90% of web searches”, this case is clearly a big deal for users, and thus it would be in Google’s best interest to sort this out without the presence of a judge and jury.

Written by thefinancier

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