What are the ramifications of GE withdrawing from the financial industry?

GE should get out of the finance business. There were diseconomies of scale for GE trying to handle an industrial empire and a financial one. There are other financial institutions that can pick up their finance businesses.

The Financial Times reported on Sunday, April 12th that German 10-year bond yields are on track to drop below zero, while Switzerland began selling bonds at negative interest rates. What are the repercussions of crossing this barrier, if any?

Let the markets decide. If people are willing to pay Germany and Switzerland to hold their funds, then let them. I do not think it affects monetary policy.

China recently established the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank which won the support of numerous American allies in Europe and Asia. What consequences does this have for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, as well as American global economic policy as a whole?

The U.S. should have a more positive attitude toward China assisting in building much needed infrastructure in Asia.
On the political side if the U.S. and Europe had given China a bigger role in the IMF a few years ago, China might not want a separate bank.

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