Finance 101: Cracking the Jargon of Wall Street

Wall Street is infamously indecipherable. Arbitrage, small firm effect, reversion to mean: these terms are thrown around all the time by finance-savvy journalists, bankers, and professors, but it’s easy to gloss over what exactly they mean. Yet, understanding these terms remains crucial to analyzing the current market and predicting future trends of the financial world…. Read more »

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News Platter

  • Nintendo is Switching Things Up

    The Nintendo Switch, a new innovative home and mobile gaming experience is set to release in March of 2017. The release of this device has the potential to reinvigorate the company of Nintendo, which has been falling short in recent years to other technology powerhouses such as Microsoft and Sony. This is of course pending... Read more »

Rapid Reactions

  • The Future of China’s Foreign Investment Deals

    In the last few years, China’s corporations have been on a relatively quiet and extremely rapid buying spree, spending more than $106 billion in 2015 to acquire stakes in overseas companies. The actions of Chinese corporations have been relatively uninhibited, but recently, amid growing concerns about national cybersecurity, President Obama’s decision to deny a Chinese... Read more »